News and Events

Major Projects Completed:

Driveways: resurfaced in 2020 & 2021

Painting: 2019 exterior painting of

Siding: the original siding throughout the HOA was replaced 2018

Retaining Wall replacements on Emily Lane

Several sunken sections of sidewalk were replaced

Current Projects:

2022 Landscaping:

Retaining Wall replacements:

Several retaining walls are being replaced on Emily Lane.

Tree Care:

Trees are pruned by professional arborists. The association is divided into thirds so that each section is pruned once every three years. Tree branches should be no closer than three feet to buildings.

Future Projects:

During the Spring of each year (typically April) a board member, the landscaper and property manager tour the entire property to determine additional landscape needs for the coming year. Residents may flag their concerns using this maintenance request form. Landscape proposals are reviewed for approval by the full board at the May meeting.